My sweat is kryptonite to earbuds that claim to be water-safe and intended for wellness. In the previous couple of months, I’ve experienced a survey unit match of PowerBeats 3 (sorry Apple) and an arrangement of Jaybird Freedom 2s that I bought myself — and immediately returned after they failed inside two exercise center visits.

I know this inclination is somewhat uncommon, however in the event that given the decision, I like wearing full-estimate headphones at the exercise center and on the treadmill more than I do earbuds. In the event that my great companion The Rock can wear his Beats Solo remote headphones amid sweat-soaked sessions at his “Iron Paradise” exercise center, then for what reason wouldn’t i be able to figure out how to influence any of my headphones to last at Blink Fitness? Lauren Dragan has done a considerable measure of incredible research on workout headphones for The Wirecutter. I’ve attempted some of their suggestions, yet at the same time haven’t ever felt that enormous “aha, these are the ones!” minute.

My old Beats Solo 2s made a respectable showing with regards to, however stable quit leaving one ear container following a couple of months. V-Moda’s Crossfade Wireless headphones, which aren’t implied for running, really did the best employment of all, enduring admirably finished a whole year before they shorted out only two or three weeks back. Be that as it may, I sweated on them so much that the metal inside was completely rusted and begun to smell. (That is gross, and I quickly lament sharing.)

So two weeks prior, in my most recent endeavor to uncover gold, I purchased the new Plantronics Backbeat Fit 305 earbuds. They’re the ones presented above and cost $80. Up until this point, they’re holding up to my undiscovered hyperhidrosis fine and dandy. The 305s are evaluated IPX5 water safe, which is by all accounts where most wellness headphones top out. There’s a little, extremely unstable door that covers the USB port to keep fluid out.Get more accurate information